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SS SLUG Kaleidoscope – March 2012 Action

A bit late on the post, but the March meeting memories are fresh as the dawn. It’s quite interesting to see the latest change of, effort and thought, incorporated to bring something new at every meeting. So this month’s blazing new category introduced was the “Lightning Talks“. Following was the roller coaster ride, planned for the evening.

  • Anything – SQL Lightning Talks
  • SQL Server 2012 – What’s New by Dinesh Asanka (MVP)
  • Tips on boosting your career

Ever heard of lightning not striking the same place twice? Well if you were present at the SS SLUG meeting, you would’ve seen it strike not once, not twice, but five times consecutively, at the same place and no casualties reported. The strikers were given a 2 minutes each to share their knowledge on anything related to SQL. The first striker was, Gogula Aryalingam (MVP) on the topic, My Data Mart is Better than Your Data Warehouse. The presentation was compact, concise and hit the nail. Following him was Shiham Samsudeen on Try… Catch…T-SQL Style. A simple topic, explained with easy to understand code snippets. Next was about Data Compression by Sudesh Wijayathilaka. It was a topic that would’ve been ideal for an individual session as it covered a vast area. But he tried his best to put out the basics related to the topic. Supun Thrikawala spoke of Table Variables, The good and the bad. He presented a comparison between Temp variables vs Table variables. The final striker for the lightning session was Avantha Siriwardana who spoke on SQL Server Standards. He explained on why the protocols were presented and why people should consider using them. The change was interesting and there could have been more interesting tit bits covered in the lightning talks by some more speakers.

Dinesh Asanka (MVP) took over the stage, to introduce the new features available with the new release of SQL Server 2012. Though the intention was to give a mere theoretical heads up on the new goodies, but the hype created by the attendees required a few demos and gave birth to the idea of explaining those features in individual sessions.

The next session was personally, the cream of the crop for me. It was something I was looking forward to as a university undergraduate and which I actually found quite handy. And yes, it was also more than just tips. The four maestros of SS SLUG, in no particular order, Preethiviraj Kulasingham, Dinesh Asanka, Dinesh Priyankara and Gogula Aryalingam shed some light to those of interest. It kicked off with stories directly from their bags, in order to show that, what matters is the start and the dedication you are willing to put, even if you were to start from ground zero. There was a brief up on certifications offered by Microsoft for those who are interested in building a career along the SQL route. Preethiviraj Kulasingham, mentioned four areas of focus if you really wanted to venture in this path.

The third one is at its pinnacle while the latter is an emerging field. Likewise, there were some advice on Do’s and Don’ts and what was expected from an interviewer’s perspective of both experienced and fresh graduates. What grabbed my attention was, how passionate each of them sounded with regard to the knowledge and skills required. Generally, the gamble of dollars comes to mind as you start off with career guidance tips, but this was different. It didn’t occur to anyone till the very end. For once, the emphasis was on knowledge, skill and passion.

April meeting, let’s see what they’ve rolled up in their sleeves.


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